You may want advice, guidance or to build on your business knowledge.

As one client said ...

"You have played a very important role in my development in business.  You were there with the right information at the right time, I thank you for that.  By adding the next level of systems, and marketing knowledge that you brought to the table we were able to identify our objectives, acknowledge the gaps in our business and put in place the planning so as to achieve those objectives.  Within 5 years we achieved 9 of our 10 stated objectives.  In that same year we won the NT Telstra Small Business of the year." Greg Haigh, Director - Air & Gas Systems Pty Ltd.

Another client said ...

"Over the last three years Adam has had a huge impact on the way we do business today. He has a calm common sense, no jargon approach to explaining how business works." Julie Shugg, Managing Director, AKS Welding and Fabrication Pty. Ltd.

You also may find some useful tips and tools here.


Forensic DiagnosticForensic Diagnostic

Businesses are both simple and complex, and I know that is contradictory.  To succeed all the elements in the business have got to work well together.  But if you haven't had the opportunity to gain the necessary skills in all the different elements then you might not know where to look when things aren't going as well as they should.

My Forensic Diagnostic will help you identify just where things might not be working as well as they could, or should.

Forensic Diagnostic


Small Changes Big ResultsSmall Changes, Big Results - How to Dramatically Improve your Quotations

Quotations and proposals are fundamental to so many types of businesses.  As you will see in this manual, many are done very badly and leave the customer with only one thing on which they make their decision - price.

But you know when you purchase something you take into consideration many other things.

Small Changes, Big Results will enable you to bring those considerations into play when you next prepare a quotation or proposal.

Small Changes, Big Results


Picture the ProfitPicture the Profit - 27 Practical Tips

Picture the Profit will show you so many ways you can improve your business, and your profits.  You don't have to apply them all at once.  Take a step at a time.  Take one tip, apply it, and move on to the next.    You can work through tips at your own pace, but to get the best results you need APPLY what you learn.

Picture the Profit - 27 Practical Tips


Eight Tools to Increase Sales8 Tools to Increase Sales

You probably started your business because you are good at what you do.  To be good at what you do, you've had to spend quite a bit of time learning your profession or trade.  

One skill you probably had little opportunity to study and learn is selling; how to get sales.  Yet winning sales is the lifeblood of your business.  For your business to succeed and provide you profit, you need to put the same time and effort into learning how to increase sales, to keep customers coming through your door.

8 Tools to Increase Sales will show you just 8 tools.  There are of course many others, but start with these.

8 Tools to Increase Sales


Dashboard ReportThe Profit Leak Detective's Dashboard Report

How do you know that there has been a profit leak?  When the clues in the figures tell you!

Time and time again I have had clients tell me that if only they had known earlier that there was a problem they could have done something about it.  But they weren't able to see the clues that would have alerted them because they didn't collect their business data into one spot and report on it.

If you don't know you have a problem, or you don't know where the problem is, you can't fix it.

To meet that need I've developed the Profits Leak Detective's Dashboard Report.  It will help you identify just where things might not be working as well as they could, or should.
PLD Dashboard Report