27 Proven But Simple Ways To Uncover Hidden Cash In Your Business

And without having to work longer or make any more sales.

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Others promise solutions. They may tell you to get more cash or profits you have to increase sales or to cut costs. But the reality is you don't need to increase sales or cut costs, you simply need to stop the leaks from your profits, cash that should be in your bank account.

By the way, because there is a direct link between having more profit and getting more cash in your bank account, I’ll use the words “cash” and “profit” interchangeably so if you hear “profit” feel free to think “cash”.

My system is unique in that it concentrates on finding and plugging profit leaks so you need only work four and a half days a week, not seven. I provide results.

I’m a 25 year veteran of transforming small business profits.
I’ve been hired by governments and corporates alike as well as business owners to free up cash and drive profits up. In this 106 page book I reveal 27 practical steps you can take to uncover the profit leaks in your business and dramatically improve your profits.

Does lack of profitability in your business cause you to feel:

  • Angry that you are working so hard for so little return
  • Helpless because you don’t know where to start to fix the problem
  • Frustrated because you know that you could do better in your business
  • Discouraged because you seem to be going nowhere in your business, and your life
  • Powerless because you can’t see the way forward.

Throwing a little light on the obscure areas of your business goes a long way to finding and plugging profit leaks.

In Picture the Profit – 27 Practical Tips you will discover:

    • How profit leaks can drain hidden profits occur without you knowing
    • How to make your marketing pump out profitable customers
    • Why understanding value is fundamental to setting your prices
    • How and what to measure in your business
    • How to fine tune your entire operation,
    • So that your business finally begins to pump out the juicy profits you are owed,

In Picture the Profit – 27 Practical Tips you will discover

Even though you're smart and competent… even though you know your trade better than just about anyone else in your market… even though you're pushing yourself HARD from "dawn to dusk" (six or even seven days a week) to plough through the ever expanding burdens and responsibilities demanded of you even with all this, your business is taking WAY more from you than it's giving back!

The purpose of my book is to introduce you to 27 simple, low cost, marketing and management "tweaks" that will restore your profitability, cash flow and lifestyle.

These powerful transformational tweaks are detailed in my Picture the Profit e-book — the ultimate small business owner's guide to financial security and independence.

They hold the key to building a thriving, highly lucrative small business and an enviable lifestyle — full of freedom and harmony and personal satisfaction.

The 27 Tips set out in my Picture the Profit e-book — the ultimate small business owner's guide to financial security and independence based on the lessons I have learnt whilst working with small businesses over 25 years. They are practical tips, because they are the ones that are proven to work.

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You've brought a great deal of expertise to your business But more is needed

Improved profits don't come from doing the same thing you've always done. It's unfortunate but a great trade or technical skill doesn't always lead to good profits, and a strong cash flow.

There are hidden profits and hidden cash in your business just waiting to be uncovered.

You have a choice : you can do nothing, change nothing, and the future will look no different than today.

Or you can start to make some changes, changes which will dramatically increase your profits, and available cash, and lead to a world where you have choices. Choices about what you do, choices about where you go, choices about the future.

You can make that choice right now, by trying "Picture the Profit – 27 Practical Tips".

Simply try it now, test a few tips, and measure the results. By the way – "free" Ebooks are usually thinly disguised sales pitches with crappy information. But I refuse to put out that kind of junk. This is quality content that will move your business forward.

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This book gets you started today on the road to profit and freedom, and I solemnly pledge NEVER to sell your email address to anyone.

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