Are You at a Total Loss as to Why Your Business isn't Giving You the Results You Want?

If you're burnt out, short on money, at your wits end, and

hungry for increased profits and more free time in your life, this

WILL change your life!

Are you looking to improve your business? Profits and freedom is something you no doubt have been chasing since you first started out in business. After all, you were lead to believe that owning your own business was the key to independence and a comfortable life.

You've put in all the effort when it comes to:

  • Marketing your business;

But unfortunately, it's just not working for you is it?

  • Promoting your products and services; and

  • Delivering on those increased sales...

...but still isn't not resulting in greater profits.

In fact, you're finding yourself...

...Burnt out, stressed out and maybe even questioning why you are even in business!

If that sounds like you, you need to take action right away to turn things around. You really cannot afford to put it off another year, month, week or day!

But first of all, you need to understand what is really happening in your business, what is working and what is not.

In my 25 plus years of working with small businesses I've found that the biggest impediment to business improvement is not being able to identify where the underlying problem lies. Once identified, most small business owners make the right decisions.

They just don't have the tools to identify the problem!

It is ironic really. You start your business because you are good at what you do. So if I came to you with a problem widget you would have no hesitation in running through a checklist of indicators to quickly isolate the cause of my problem.
And having identified the cause, you would recommend a solution.

BUT, you don't have a similar checklist for YOUR business.

And as a result, you work long hours, seven days a week and rarely have a decent the hope that profits will come.
You can relate can't you?
If you can...

...You've got a profit leak, or two or three or more!
And you're certainly not alone!

Profitability is the issue behind why you are lacking in time and struggling with cash flow. It is why you are feeling like you are getting nowhere.

Why work so hard if you're not making the profits you deserve?

If only you could solve the problem of the leaking profits - the leaks draining profits from your business.

If you could spot the profit leak, you could then plug it and regain control of your business so you could enjoy the freedom and lifestyle you went into business for.


And that's where my Forensic Diagnostic can help!

In my 25 plus years helping businesses plug their profit leaks, I have helped entrepreneurs turn their businesses and ultimately their lives around!
More profits, less stress all while freeing up more time for living!

  • Adam has had a huge impact on the way we do business today. He has a calm common sense, no jargon approach to explaining how business works. The effect on our business has been wonderous! Julie Shugg, Managing Director, AKS Welding and Fabrication Pty. Ltd.

  • You will be proud how your protégés are proceeding! We have expanded the business and the catering side of the business is far less stressful and is actually profitable, now that we only take the good jobs. We will never forget the assistance you gave us in re-inventing our business! Karen Sheldon Catering

  • The Business Overview was a real eye opener for us. We thought that we knew everything that there was to know about our business. How could we not? We spend every day working massive hours. How could someone that knows nothing about IT possibly offer any worthwhile information? All of these perceptions were blown away with the knowledge that the overview provided. Stacey Harris, General Manager, Territory Technology solutions

  • You were there with the right information at the right time, I thank you for that. By adding the next level of systems, and marketing knowledge that you brought to the table we able to identify our objectives, acknowledge the gaps in our business and put in place the planning so as to achieve those objectives. Within 5 years we achieved 9 of our ten stated objectives. In that same year we won the NT Telstra Small Business of the year" Greg Haigh Director - RANms

If you just aren't where you want to be in business right now and you're working hard and not increasing profitability...

...My Forensic Diagnostic is for you!

If you want to:
        1. Get clarity on your current situation: There are three leakages responsible for clouding clarity...and I can help you identify and plug them!

        2. Know your strengths: Build on what is working for you!

        3. Know your weaknesses: By learning the keys to identifying strengths in your business, you'll be able to see opportunities for improvement!

        4. Achieve more free time: I can show you how to get 30% more free time from your business, while increasing your profits!

        5. Get more sales: Have you identified the key to getting more sales? Are you targetting the right areas?

        6. Achieve better gross profits: Gross profits can either create huge profit or drive you to despair. The Diagnostic will show you how to increase your profits wherever you are right now!

        7. Lower costs: You'll be surprised at just how much capital is leaking out of your business because of your overheads.

        8. Increase efficiency: Learn how to identify opportunities for improvement in both productivity and processes!

        9. Know what's happening WHEN it's happening: Discover the key business indicators for understanding and controlling your business...


The Forensic Diagnostic is a must-have!

It's the essential tool for any entrepreneur seeking improve their business, while freeing up time so they can enjoy the spoils of being in business!

By completing the Forensic Diagnostic you will have much clearer picture of your business and the opportunities for improvement. I know you will pick up clues to problems you may not have been aware of and gaps that can be filled.

It turns opinion and gut feel into knowledge, and from knowledge you can take action.

It's not enough to just identify opportunities for improvement. I want you to develop strategies and an action plan for acting on those opportunities.

The Forensic Diagnostic provides the fundamental basis on which to develop a systematic action plan to improve your business.

Remember, this is not about judgement. It is about insight. Completing the Diagnostic will give you a much clearer understanding of how the various elements of your business fit together and support each other.

Here's what you'll get:

  • The Forensic Diagnostic Template: Don't just use it once. Use it the first time to identify opportunities for improvement and develop an action Plan. Then revisit it every six months to a year to benchmark your progress.

  • Bonus 1 - 1 hour consultation call: For more than 20 years I have worked one-on-one with countless small businesses guiding, advising, cajoling, coaching, mentoring and encouraging them to find the holes in their business and lift their profitability. What you are getting is my years of practical experience and the insights into the operations of small businesses that experience brings. And I've always found some areas in which to help the business improve its position. You can't buy experience like that? I charge $300 per hour for one-on-one consulting.

  • Bonus 2 -Special Manual - "Small Change, Big Result - How to Improve your Quotations & Proposal Success Rate"

Many businesses do not set prices at the retail level. Instead they respond to requests for quotations or proposals. Usually it is not done it well.
In fact presenting proposals and quotations properly offers them the opportunity to differentiate themselves from their competitors.
In doing so they can increase their success rate and grow their sales and profits without creating more leads.

You know the value of your average sale. What would be the impact on your bottom line if you could increase your quotation success rate from 30% to 40%?
This report provides expert guidance on how to do so

Format: pdf document + MP3 to listen to in the car or out exercising

  • Premium Option - 2 x one hour "Implementation Calls" to discuss your progress in implementing your improvements. There are always roadblocks. How do you overcome them? Get my expert guidance as you embark on your improvements. The calls may be taken at any time within 90 days of purchase

Now, would you like a Guarantee?

Here's what we can do for you.

Two Boomerangs Guarantee

Now why do you need two boomerangs for your guarantee? It's simple really.
First boomerang - of you feel you haven't got value out of our product then all you have to do is heft it on hand, and return it. Just like a boomerang, wing it back to us. You may dance on it, throw a part around it or even use it at a corroboree. That's all right, as long as you give it a good throw so it returns to us.
And then:
Second boomerang - we get the product back, and arm back, and.... Throw...whoosh, whoosh, whirl, whirl back come your funds. In full, right into your hand.
It's simple really. One good boomerang returns another.

Take Action Today!

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1 hour consultation call to discuss the Forensic Diagnostic's findings, and recommended practical steps
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Special Manual - Small Change, Big Result - How to Improve your Quotation & Proposal Success Rate - pdf + MP3
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Two x 1 hour "Implementation" calls with the Profits Leak Detective (worth $600)  


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To YOUR success!

Adam Gordon
The Profit Leaks Detective
P.S: As the old saying goes, "sink or swim". You don't have to wait until your business has gone down the gurgler because profits have been draining away. You can find the leaks and plug them NOW! Take the first step to making that all happen by completing your Forensic Diagnostic.