Picture the Profit - 27 Practical Tips

Attention: small business owners - do you want to improve your profitability
from Australia's Profit Leak Detective

How to uncover the profits that lie hidden in your business

And have the income and freedom to live the life you desire.

25 year veteran of transforming small business profits reveals 27 practical steps you can take to uncover the profit leaks in your business and dramatically improve your profits.

Does lack of profitability in your business cause you to feel:

  • Angry that you are working so hard for so little return;
  • Helpless because you don't know where to start to fix the problem;
  • Frustrated because you know that you could do better in your business;
  • Discouraged because you seem to be going nowhere in your business, and your life;
  • Powerless because you can't see the way forward.
A little knowledge goes a long way in improving your business. In Picture the Profit - 27 Practical Tips you will learn:
  • How profit leaks can drain hidden profits occur without you knowing;
  • How to make your marketing pump out profitable customers
  • Why understanding value is fundamental to setting your prices
  • How and what to measure in your business
  • How to fine tune your entire operation,

So that your business finally begins to pump out the juicy profits you are owed,

You know you're working far too hard for too little money.

Even though you're smart and competent... even though you know your trade better than just about anyone else in your market... even though you're pushing yourself HARD from "dawn to dusk" (six or even seven days a week) to plough through the ever expanding burdens and responsibilities demanded of you - even with all this, your business is taking WAY more from you than it's giving back!

How do I know?

Because I'm a small business owner myself, and I've been where you are.

And also because I've helped hundreds of other small business owners who began with big dreams, but through no fault of their own, found themselves trapped - prisoners of businesses that had deteriorated into nothing more than glorified jobs. Jobs that (when the horrendously long hours were factored in) paid incredibly poorly.

With no personal life to speak of, family life in disarray, working like dogs - slaves to employees and suppliers and governments demanding their "pound of flesh" - I often found these heroes of the economy pushing themselves to the breaking point.

In the cruellest of ironies, the very people who had bravely taken all of the risk and all of the sacrifice to bring the best products and services to their communities were being ground into the dirt.

Sometimes they were on the verge of being forced to give up on their dreams of financial independence... forced to give up on everything they'd worked so hard for... and dangerously close to the ego-crushing humiliation of having to go back to work for somebody else - THE ULTIMATE DEFEAT!

The purpose of my book is to introduce you to 27 simple, low cost, marketing and management "tweaks" that will prevent you from suffering this fate.

These powerful transformational strategies are detailed in my Picture the Profit - 27 Practical Tips e-book - the ultimate small business owner's guide to financial security and independence.

They hold the key to building a thriving, highly lucrative small business and an enviable lifestyle - full of freedom and harmony and personal satisfaction.

With even a few of these game-changing strategies implemented in your business, you can stop worrying about where payroll is coming from each month. And you can start happily expanding your wealth and peace of mind with each passing day.

When I started to assist small business owners more than twenty years ago I was determined that I should do everything in my power to assist them avoid the pain, anger and frustration that I went through. I was determined to learn as much as possible about what does work for small business, and what does not.

I learnt how to give them the skills they needed were in ensure they were heading in the right direction, to market their products and services effectively to ensure they had the right customers, to develop the right systems and procedures to ensure their businesses run smoothly, and to measure the things which would tell them where the profits were hidden in their businesses.

The 27 Tips set out in my Picture the Profits e-book - the ultimate small business owner's guide to financial security and independence based on the lessons I have learnt whilst working with these small businesses. They are practical tips, because they are the ones that do work.

From cash drains to profit machine

In Picture the Profit I show you just how to implement these strategies to uncover the hidden profits in your business and plug the leaks draining those profits away.

Your markets may differ, the skills required may differ but the fundamentals of successful small businesses remain the same, no matter what the experience and expertise of the owners.

It's not your fault!

You've probably never had the opportunity to acquire the information you need to gain these skills.

When you were setting out to get your trade or technical skills you can't have been expected to know the other skills you may need. I bet running your own business was the last thing on your mind, and the last thing the instructors who taught you those skills would have even talked about.

That's Ok and quite understandable. Now you do have the chance to take that next step and go well beyond what those instructors were thinking and teaching.

You have spent many years building on those skills that let you set up this business. And that didn't give you the time to acquire the skills that are needed to take it to the next step. They are not beyond you.

This is not teaching you your business. It's about your profits, not your trade.

You have a choice

You can take a few moments to read every word of this important profit improvement e-book, follow its advice, and experience a different world. Imagine running a highly profitable business, one in which you have the profits to give you choices; choices about time, choices about leisure, choices about the future.

Or see yourself in five years time still stuck on an endless treadmill, trapped in your business, struggling with cash, struggling with time, and without the freedom to live the life you desire.

Yes, you CAN dramatically increase your profits. Profit transforming tips you will find in Picture the Profits include:

  • Why profit leaks are important and where you might look for them; hint: they can occur virtually anywhere in your business .......(page 1)
  • Which is more important; profits or cash flow? Discover the temptations and perils of profitless cash flow? ..........(page 3)
  • Why it is folly to hasten ...(page 6)
  • The five key areas to work on to uncover the profits in your business ...... (page 6)
  • Five steps to create your future ............(page 9)
  • Why it all starts with your customer? ....(page 13)
  • Why 'everybody' is not your customer (page 13)
  • How you can identify who your key customers are .....(page 15)
  • How developing a customer profile will radically change your marketing .... (page 15)
  • Why if you are not marketing, you are not a business ... and what to do about it...(page 18)
  • How to build a 5P marketing plan .....(page 22)
  • Understand the role of branding in your business..(page 27)
  • Why strong brands make buying decisions easier for the customer. ..(page 27)
  • The mistakes most small businesses make with their brand ..(page 30)
  • And what to do about it ....(page 32)
  • Pricing is one of the most important strategic decisions you make as a small business owner and manager ....(page 36)
  • It is also one of the least understood. 8 different common pricing strategies ...........(page 37)
  • And the alternative you should follow. .....(page 40)
  • Pricing is a complex issue, but so is value .....(page 44)
  • How the customer perceives value needs to be understood if you are to balance the value equation ....(page 45)
  • And tilt it in your favour ............(page 49)
  • The second biggest mistake most small businesses make. ......(page 53)
  • Hint: it involves their real costs and where they're allocated (page 54)
  • How to fix a little light on your real cost of labour ...(page 56)
  • Understand why your business processes can leak profits ...(page 62)
  • Can you identify your hidden profits from the list and the processes behind them? (page 63)
  • And the information you need to improve market related processes ...(page 66)
  • And the biggest profit killing mistake almost every small business owner makes in their business, ... (page 70)
  • and how to change that ...(page 72)
  • How to follow the money trail ...(page 74)
  • And measure what is even more important than money....(page 81)
  • How does your performance compare to others in your industry? Just how good are the others? .....(page 88)

Claim your copy of Picture the Profit NOW

Picture the Profit costs just A$54, a lousy two dollars a tip to get you on your way to a better business.

If you're making $50,000 in profits now, a measly 10% increase (and my clients above did much, much better than that) puts an additional $5,000 in your pocket over the next year. If you're netting $75,000 now, you're going to be $7,500 richer by this time next year. If you're netting $100,000, that's.........

Imagine doubling your profits. You KNOW where and how to fix the problems. How will it be not to feel frustrated each day, discouraged because you seem to be going nowhere with your business, and your life.

Imagine what it means to you as your business becomes a pleasure and not a burden.

And imagine what those additional funds could mean to your life?

Just to make it even easier, there's of course our guarantee.

Here's what we can do for you.

Our Two Boomerangs Guarantee

Now why do you need two boomerangs for your guarantee? It's simple really.

First boomerang - if you find you haven't uncovered hidden profits in your business in 90 days (after all you need time to check the results out) then all you have to do is heft an email in your hand, and send it. Not physically, because it is an online product. Just like a boomerang, wing back to us an email to let us know it is not working for you. You may dance on the e-book or report, throw a party around it or even use it at a corroboree. That's all right, as long as you give it a good throw by email so it returns to us. And then:

Second boomerang
- we get your email, and our arm goes back, and.... Throw...whoosh, whoosh, whirl, whirl back come your funds. In full, right into your bank.

It's simple really. One good boomerang returns another. What could be fairer than that!

All we ask is that you make a genuine effort to make the tips work.

Go ahead, TRY IT NOW, and then decide!

Risk Free Trial Request

YES ADAM, please rush me Picture the Profit - 27 Practical Tips for only A$54.

I understand that if I don't uncover hidden profits in my business within 90 days I may claim a full refund.
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You've brought a great deal of expertise to your business

But more is needed

Improved profits don't come from doing the same thing you've always done. It's unfortunate but a great trade or technical skill doesn't always lead to good profits, profits that you deserve.

There are hidden profits in your business just waiting to be uncovered. And that means doing something about your marketing, making sure you are heading in the right direction, putting in place sound systems and procedures, measurement and management.

You have a choice: you can do nothing, change nothing, and the future will look no different than today.

Or you can start to make some changes, changes which will dramatically increase your profits and lead to a world where you have choices. Choices about what you do, choices about where you go, choices about the future.

You can make that choice right now, by trying Picture the Profit - 27 Practical Tips and bonuses
Simply try it now, test a few tips, and measure the results.

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Adam Gordon
The Profits Leak Detective

P.S. One thing I've found in my twenty plus years of assisting small businesses improve their profitability, and that is, left to themselves, most small businesses make a de facto choice. They do nothing, because that is the easiest thing to do. But YOU can be different.

P.P.S. You risk nothing by making the choice to do something. If, after 90 days of making a genuine effort Picture the Profits is not working for you then all you have to do is let me know. You'll get a refund, and you get to keep the product. That's not a bad option is it? TRY it NOW.