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Finding the leak

The Profits Leak Detective's Dashboard Report

How do you know that there has been a profit leak? When the clues in the figures tell you! Time and time again I have had clients tell me that it only they had known earlier that there was a problem they could have done something about it. But they weren't able to see the clues that would have alerted them because they didn't collect their business data into one spot and report on it.

If you don't know you have a problem, or you don't know where the problem is, you can't fix it.

To meet that need I've developed the Profits Leak Detective's Dashboard Report so that you can report to yourself your overall business position on a monthly basis.

Why report to yourself? It seems such a, well, bureaucratic process. It might seem that but let me assure you, regular reporting can save you butt, or at least your bank balance!

Stress & More Stress

The inevitable reaction of most people to poor profitability is to work harder, to work longer hours and probably more days too. They end up working seven day weeks, seeing less and less of the family and becoming more and more stressed.

It all becomes overwhelming. An outcome of being stressed and overwhelmed is that your decision making suffers. Poor decisions lead to more problems and a downward spiral.

You build successful businesses on the foundation of informed decision making.

That is what the Profit Leak Detective's Dashboard Report does - inform your decision making.

But it is not always that easy. Reports are not always easy to analyse, particularly when they are a great blur of figures in a spreadsheet.

Analysing your information is essential for managing your activities and helping you to make good decisions. You need more than a great mass of figures in a spreadsheet.

So it needs to be in a form which makes it easy to analyse. In the reports you have does the right information strike you in the face? Probably not. You may have the information you need buried in accounts and traditional spreadsheets.

But in that format, like all things buried, it is difficult to see. dreamstimesmall_17309485

Do most of your spreadsheet or accounting reports look somewhat like a mass of figures that make your eyes blur?


If so, you must work hard to convert those mass of figures into useful information and knowledge.

But your reports don't have to make your eyes blur. They should be easy to read, understand and efficiently expose profit leaks, trends and issues.

Visualise It!

What is required is visualisation. Traditional reporting tools are good for static reporting, but are not intuitive and don't provide real-time business insights.

Visual reports help your analyse the data and make the right decisions quickly.

In the time it would take you to locate, read, assimilate and process sales data located in a traditional spreadsheet, you can receive that same information in a visual format, with the appropriate context, complemented by additional related information (possibly from different sources) and have already started making decisions to improve performance.

Visual reports help you understand and monitor your business better, communicate better, and save you a lot of time and money.

Such reports are often called Dashboard Reports, because they bring together your key KPIs into a powerful one page document. It acts like the dashboard of your car. All the key information you need for control is immediately in front of you.

They can present a lot of useful information quickly and easily with the right information available at a glance. You have the information you need to monitor critical issues and identify areas that need your immediate attention.

And that is just what the Profits leak detective Dashboard Report does:


The Profits Leak Detective's Dashboard Report graphs report on:

  • Product or service groups, their sales, cost of sales, and that vital figure, their gross profit. You can add and name as many product groups as you like.
  • Your business's overall sales, cost of sales, gross profits, expenses, monthly net profit and cumulative net profit.
  • A series of useful KPIs, which you may alter to suit your business. Currently they show Orders on Hand, Quotation Success Rate, Utilisation Rate, Price Variation, with two other spare graphs.
  • Accounts receivable by days.
  • Plus two tables giving key balance sheet figures and ratios.
  • You can also enter budget figures and previous year's data to enable to compare your performance. In fact as you use your Profits Leak Detective's Dashboard Report you will automatically build years of historical data.

It is a really simple report to use. You simply enter the data and. voila, the dashboard graphs are updated. You don't have to play with formulae or change things each time; just enter the data.

So spot the profit leaks, apply the tips and measure your improvement.

My special price for you: A$37.00

Format: Excel Workbook

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A little knowledge goes a long way in improving your business. In Picture the Profit - 27 Practical Tips you will learn:

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