Can you get off the sales treadmill?

Or are you condemned to push harder and harder without being able to get off?

Why do you get on a treadmill - to get fit of course!  And you know what those "get fit" treadmills are like.  You get on them and start pacing away, and it all seems quite easy at first.  The pace is not too hard and you're breathing easily.  And then the trainer starts to lift the pace of the machine.  You start to lengthen and quicken your stride.  But just when you think you have that beaten, it goes up another notch.

And now it's really hard work.  You have to put real effort in, but the treadmill keeps turning carrying you onwards.  Not that you're going anywhere, it's a treadmill after all.  And you're running, and you can't get off, just go faster and faster, harder and harder.

Faster and harder, and you can't get your breath, and you can't stop, until you collapse in a heap on the treadmill.

And why are you in business?  To make your business fitter, to make a profit I hear you say - or I hope I hear you say.  After all you are not in business just to earn a wage, are you?  And to earn a profit you must first get a sale.  After all a fitter business is a profitable business.  But what is winning sales and making profits from them what sales and profitability is like in your business.  Is it like being on a treadmill?

At first the sales treadmill seems easy.  The sales come without too much effort.  The after a while as sales increase profitability starts to slow you down.  Profitability is not increasing as fast as sales.  So you up the pace of the treadmill, to increase the sales to increase the profits.  Gotta get those profits back up to where they should be. 

Pretty soon you find you are powering away on the sales treadmill, trying to earn those extra sales which will make you more profitable.  And you're powering away so hard you don't have time to get your breath back, let alone step back and take stock of the situation, to observe what is really going on here.

You have to ask yourself, is the business getting any fitter while you're working so hard at it.  And as a small aside, are you getting any time off from your fitness regime?  I suspect not.

Might it not be better to put less effort on the treadmill to increasing sales, and more effort into making your sales more profitable?

How do you do that?  Well that is what the Profit Leaks Detective is all about.  So if you haven't subscribed, think about doing so.  It might just get you off the treadmill, and make you and your business fitter.

If you have subscribed to our newsletter and read the case study you will know how that company got of the sales treadmill, and increased their profits.







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