Do you struggle to engage your potential customers?

In today’s world of constant distractions, most business owners struggle to get their marketing messages heard. Part of the problem is that there is so much competition out there, all blasting away through off-line and on-line media.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re the owner of a retail shop, financial advisor, swimming pool manufacturer or inventor with an ingenious product.  Why should they listen to you?

We struggle to engage our audience.  A key word is “content”, the information we put out about our product or service.  But why should our prospects believe us? 

I searched for who could help you with this question and found David Jenyns from Authority Content, and Melbourne SEO Services

David’s entrepreneurial journey begins back in his early 20’s when he sold Australia’s most love sporting ground, the Melbourne Cricket Ground. Seriously, he was doing the Brooklyn Bridge exercise, and was well publicised in so doing.  Since then, his business experience spans from developing and branching retail stores, to found one of Australia’s most trusted digital agencies, Melbourne SEO & Video. He’s an Amazon bestseller, a lover of processes and procedures and the founder of systemHUB.

Recognised as a high achieving entrepreneur, you will find many of David’s keynote presentations on YouTube including: TEDx, WordCamp and Problogger.

He has developed what he calls “The Simple System For Building Your Brand, Sales & Credibility”, which he explains in his book “Authority Content”.

Authority Content details a simple process that any company can use to break through the communication noise.

Built on the “3Ps” framework (Present, Product, Promote) this book teaches you a step-by-step system for building authority within your industry which will lead to sky-rocketing website traffic and sales.

I asked David four questions to explore why Authority Content is so powerful.

1.    Why do business owner struggle to get their marketing messages heard?

2.    Why is content so important?

3.    What is authority content?

4.    Where do most go wrong creating it?

Some takeaways you will find useful

You must use the right bait to catch the right fish. Your message must be aligned to the right target audience – who are you trying to attract into your business?

The content you put out becomes the first point of contact to a prospect when they start to engage with your business.  It needs to be high quality and pre-sell what you are doing.  Content becomes the fuel in your marketing machine.

Your content should help your prospect “know, like and trust” you before the sale.  You need to put out consistently helpful information to first capture their attention, and then hold it so they start to trust you.

The best way to create quality content is through video.

Many business owners become too busy doing what they do, to consistently create quality content.   They look for excuses.

To get more information or resources go to David’s website  You will also find him on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  Get his book through

How Well is Your Business Performing?

When clients approach me for coaching, clients with businesses that are underperforming despite the crippling hours and effort the owner is putting into them, it is not just marketing that is holding them back.  It is the lack of control they have over their business, and eight times out of ten that lack of control comes down to a lack of knowledge of what is happening in the business.

For more than 28 years I’ve been helping small business owners plug the profit leaks in their business and restoring their cash flows by assisting them understand:
•    The strengths, weaknesses opportunities and threats of their business
•    Determine where they want to be – clear, achievable goals, and
•    How they are going to get there – their strategies to achieve their goals

This is sometimes known as the NOW – WHERE – HOW model.

If you would like to discuss with me how you might do that, book a Strategy Consult here.

© Copyright 2016 Adam Gordon, The Profits Leak Detective 


#1 Eliza 2018-09-20 01:14
Wonderful post however I was wondering if you could write a litte more on this
topic? I'd be very thankful if you could elaborate a little bit further.
Thank you!

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