A nine-step sales process

That leads to success

It appears some sales processes are universal, not learnt by studying some ‘expert’ but by testing over time to find what works and what doesn’t. There’s a little aside here: how many of you test your marketing or sales processes to find out what works and what doesn’t?

But back to the point of this blog. My wife and I are on a long anticipated trip to India. And rather than tripping around, wandering into one monument or another without any idea of the story behind it, and wanting to avoid the boredom of a busload of babbling tourists we opted for individual guided tours of each destination. And very worthwhile it has been too.

But there is another side to tours. Whether you are with the babblers or on an individual tour, sooner or later you will be guided to an outlet where the wares will be demonstrated (with no obligation to buy of course) and ‘sold’ to you.

Now in some ways this is not a bad thing. On our experience at least you are likely to be taken to a reputable place with quality products, rather than left to the mercies of sidewalk hawkers. Be aware of course that your guide will be on a commission for anything you buy, at least 2 – 3% as one guide told us in a moment of transparency.

The sales lesson was in how the sale is achieved, a nine step process which leads to YES.

Firstly comes education. The skill and expertise of the craftsman is demonstrated, working in the traditional way to make the product. Authentic craftsmen and women from the villages where this work is done.

Secondly you are asked to appreciate how the skill is applied and how such skills are a dying art in this rapidly changing world (build up the scarcity).

Thirdly see the variety of finished products that are available (more education, but also seeking to identify your point of interest).

At some point the Law of Reciprocity is fed into the process. This is where a sense of obligation is created so that you will start to feel at some point to you need to reciprocate by buying something, just something small of course. There’s always a touch of reciprocity from the demonstration as well. At some stage a tea, coffee or even a beer is offered, no charge of course, “accept a little hospitality” building on the Law.

Then their USP (Unique Selling Proposition) is demonstrated – just why these products are so different from anything that you can buy elsewhere – the fifth step.

So the tipping point process is started, the sixth step. The first products that are demonstrated are well within your price range and your interest starts to be engaged. You can afford that product of course.

Graduation - the seventh step. Having got your engagement, more products are bought out, each of even higher quality and skill, and a higher price of course. So you start to finger the material, or whatever the product is, hold them up to the light, step back and examine.

Touch it, feel it, picture it in your home. There is nothing like engaging the imagination, which of course is what every tourist brochure does with its photographs – can’t you see yourself here, having that experience, the eighth step.

By now you are well past the moment of that low priced product you initially considered, the one that took you past the tipping point. The question is no longer whether you are going to buy, but what you are going to buy – the ninth step.

Yes, it worked on us, even as I admired the process. But why did it work?

As a process it works because it has been tested and improved over time, a long time. And it mirrors the process so many marketing or sales gurus will tell you to follow. But of course they developed their expertise is in a completely different market. It just happens to be a universal process that works.


© Copyright 2010 Adam Gordon, Profits Leak Detective

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