Does your business need to ignite a firestorm of new business without breaking the budget?

By Barry Morris

Some have difficulty seeing how a case study can impact their business. I've compiled this list to demonstrate how a case study can be used to create more business for your company.

9 Powerful Uses for a Professional Case Study

1. Use it in a press release. A case study can quickly be abridged and reformatted into a press release.  Be sure to note in the release that a more detailed, expanded case study version is available.  Editors might pick it up.

2. Mail or email it to prospects and customers.  This is a terrific way to keep in touch, raise awareness about a new product or service, and even convert prospects into customers.

3. Give it to sales. Salespeople love case studies.  They use them in presentations, to illustrate key points and as testimonials. A case study is often more convincing than a brochure.

4. Post it on your web site.  Want to improve traffic to your site? Adding new, valuable content is a pr oven strategy. A case study certainly qualifies.

5. Use it as a story in your newsletter or ezine.  Success stories based on real-world applications get the highest readership in company newsletters and ezines.

6. As a speaking topic. When an executive needs to give a talk at a meeting or conference, a case study makes an excellent presentation. The content can easily be converted into PowerPoint. slides. The printed case study itself can be used as a handout.

7. In lead-generation programs.  A case study makes a terrific a free giveaway in an ad, email, direct mailer and on a website. In direct marketing, we call this strategy an Information Premium. It works!

8. For testimonials. Testimonials help make benefits believable.  The quotes gleaned from happy customers for the case study can also be used with permission in ads, brochures,  websites and more.

9. As a trade show handout. Case studies are a great way to break through the clutter of flyers and brochures that permeate trade shows.  One of my clients even had a case study enlarged and printed on a trade show exhibit wall! 


As you can see, a case study is a valuable asset.  One that can bring repeat customers out of hiding and drive new sales as well.

PCS case studies reach new customers, reactivate dormant clients, and drive new business in the door.

What can a case study do for your company?

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