8 Tools to Increase Sales

Without sales you don't have a business!

Very often when I'm working with clients seeking to improve their profitability sales are not the issue. The issue may well be profit leaks from poor margins, lack of management information, uncontested overheads or poor productivity; hidden issues that are not readily apparent. That's why they are profit leaks and my job is to look for the clues, track down the leaks, and put them away for good.

But none of these leaks could occur if there wasn't first a sale. And lack of sales, or the wrong sales, or sales that cost too much to make can also be profit leaks.

Business is what, if you don't have, you go out of.

Sales guru Brian Tracy said: "Businesses succeed because of high sales. Businesses fail because of low sales." Nothing happens until a sale takes place, until someone sells something to someone."

It's simple really, without sales you don't have a business.

Yet it is more than that. You need a continuous stream of customers:

  • to replace those customers who inevitably leave

  • to even out your cash flow

  • to cover ever-increasing costs

And they need to be the right type of customers, those who will maximise your profitability.

"Of the major functions of business - product development, customer service, accounting, operations, and marketing - the one that always should be give top priority in an entrepreneurial venture is marketing.

The other functions are important, but without marketing you will not have sales and without sales you will not have cash flow and without cash flow you will not be able to pay for all the other functions (except by going into debt, which is simply borrowing against the cash flow of the future)." Michael Masterson "Ready, Fire, Aim"

So how do you get those sales?

There are many tools, and for a GOOD START

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